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I always go back to bright electric blues, like the sort of things that NARS and MAC do. They always look fabulous around the eyes. Lipstick varies, I can go between pinks and reds, mainly pinks for some reason! In many ways you helped forge the path for the unbridled beauty of today. What do you think of the youth of today and their approach to style? I went this weekend to do a lecture to a whole lot of young people at a festival called Lost Village. And it was just wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the young people cause I thought, Are they going to find me looking old? I think that we’re going to be able to look at our youth coming along and it’s going to be very… I think we’re going to have an explosion somewhere and something’s going to happen. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think that’s what will happen! Because everyone’s coming out of this rather like flower power! Broadly what’s happening in beauty at the moment is eyebrows. It’s spreading like wildfire. Making them look like they’re growing beautifully in a beautiful shape and sometimes dividing them so they do different things. It must take them hours unless they glue them down with soap. So it’s really quite amazing. It’s a very interesting time!

She’s My Sweet Potato I YAM Couple Matching Shirt

Whatever I do, I get ready in the morning and I always go out fully made up, whether it’s six in the morning or whatever, I always put my full makeup on. So that means I’ve got the black lines, I’ve got the blue eyeshadow, blue lines to make my eyes look deeper. And then I draw in my eyebrows because I plucked my eyebrows out in, oh, 1973? They never ended up growing back, so I can have anything. Like when it was punk, I had the three square eyebrows. It sort of varies. I’ve had wiggles and blue glitter dots, too. I think I probably need to have another go with my eyebrows and think of some new things. I don’t think I want to be caught in a time warp.You seem to return back to the same cotton candy colors often!

She’s My Sweet Potato I YAM Couple Matching Shirt hoodie

Before swiping right and late-night texts became the norm, people shared their feelings via pen and paper. Snail mail correspondence may have waned, but perfumer Alberto Morillas’s Tres Chere is an ode to love letters and their poetic qualities. Heavy on orange blossom and Ambroxan—another chemical substitute for ambergris’ animalic aroma—it is ladylike. Still, with jasmine sambac and sandalwood notes serving as its post-script, it has something for everyone. There is love, and then there is euphoric infatuation, the kind of intense over-the-top connection that makes for bodice-ripping novels and steamy soap operas. Initio Parfums Privé’s Psychedelic Love is about the latter, and it explores the concept in a novel way. According to studies, Hedione HC, a molecule used in perfumery with a scent similar to magnolia, activates human pheromones. The note is one of the core elements of Psychedelic Love, and it pairs beautifully with the rose, heliotrope, and myrrh that round the fragrance out. Will it bring wearers one step closer to finding true romance? Possibly, but even if it doesn’t, they’re sure to smell great.

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