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That skillset is a key part of what makes Chiu so watchable on the series, but filming season two came with challenges she couldn’t have anticipated. “Between seasons one and two, I lost my mother very suddenly, which was incredibly difficult,” she says. “I’d always viewed myself as a go-getter, and I’d committed to this project, so I didn’t want to back out. I tried to put on a brave face for my family and to fulfill my commitments, but I was in a vulnerable place. [Still,] I’ve learned so many valuable lessons. My proudest moment, and perhaps the silver lining in all this, was that I’ve finally become comfortable standing up for myself, which [I consider] a form of self-care. In traditional Asian households, you’re often taught to hold your feelings inside, especially when people mistreat you. Finding the strength to advocate for yourself and your needs, be they professional or emotional, is empowering.”

Welcome To Harrry Styles House 2022 Tour Fashion Tee Shirt

Chiu’s onscreen journey has become less about drama and more about realism this time around. “We want to make a great show; we’re doing this for our people,” she says. “That has brought a sense of pride and allowed us to understand the responsibilities that come with this platform, so we’re all out there trying to do our part.” The perspective shift is apparent in Chiu’s current fashion choices. “I’m the mother of a toddler, and he’s constantly running around, so my schedule is more about dropping him off at preschool, and arranging playdates than attending society brunches,” she says. “This season, you get a much more well-rounded wardrobe; I’m in my jeans and T-shirts much more often. My jeans are Chanel, though, so the glamour isn’t going anywhere.”

Welcome To Harrry Styles House 2022 Tour Fashion Tee Shirt hoodie

The one thing I will never wear are Crocs. I know that there are fancy platform crocs now with heels, but that kind of footwear isn’t for me. I will say, though, that Dr. Chiu bought the Dior Birkenstocks. I don’t know why he did that, but suddenly he has them in multiple colors. I’ve asked that he only wear them while in the operating room, so they’re hidden beneath a shoe cover. Opera gloves are another [trend] I’m on the fence about. Part of me loves that all of a sudden, everyone and their grandmother is keen to wear long gloves again. I wonder who gets the credit for bringing them back, and when will they fall out of fashion? I’ll never forget when I did my plastic surgery-themed party, which they showed during season one. I bought a pair of latex gloves. When my makeup artist saw them, he said, ‘oh my god, those are cheesy!’ Now Bella Hadid is wearing the same kind of gloves, and it’s cool; maybe I was just too ahead of the curve.

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