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Considering how unpopular Trump is, if I was him I wouldn’t have cared about a pie being thrown in my face I would have been much more concerned about somebody shooting me. We all use the same words. There are only so many and they are available to everyone who speaks the same language. In fact, that’s the point of language. If you were to use words that no one else has used before no one would know what they meant.

It’s not. Congress persons REGULARLY give tours to people. Just because they were on a tour and were trump supporters, means ONLY that. Your implication is nothing but your own suppositions. Just another one of his lies, actually like public schools, President Trump wanted to privatize the VA, so that Republican back businessmen could supposedly run it better, this from a guy who said that service members were suckers and losers!

Language is the tool humans use to communicate with other humans and in order to facilitate that they have to both understand that each word means something agreed upon. The only way you can read this is because I used the same words Hitler and Gandhi and Jesus’ teachings were translated into. Words that both of us understand.

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