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Aug. 11, 2022, 11:57 PM +07 / Source: Associated Press By Associated Press ROME — Pope Francis has met with a fourth group of transgender people who found shelter at a Rome church, the Vatican newspaper reported Thursday. L’Osservatore Romano said the encounter took place Wednesday on the sidelines of Francis’ weekly general audience. The newspaper quoted Sister Genevieve Jeanningros and the Rev. Andrea Conocchia as saying the pope’s welcome brought their guests hope. The Blessed Immaculate Virgin community in the Torvaianica neighborhood on Rome’s outskirts opened its doors to transgender people during the coronavirus pandemic. Francis previously met with some of them on April 27, June 22 and Aug. 3, the newspaper said. “No one should encounter injustice or be thrown away, everyone has dignity of being a child of God,” the paper quoted Sister Jeanningros as saying. Get the Morning Rundown Get a head start on the morning’s top stories. SIGN UP THIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY RECAPTCHA PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE Francis has earned praise from some members of the LGBTQ community for his outreach. When asked in 2013 about a purportedly gay priest, he replied, “Who am I to judge?” He has met individually and in groups with transgender people over the course of his pontificate. But he has strongly opposed “gender theory” and has not changed church teaching that holds that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.” In 2021, he allowed publication of a Vatican document asserting that the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions since “God cannot bless sin.” Recommended OUT NEWS Residents raise almost $100,000 for Michigan library defunded over LGBTQ books OUT HEALTH AND WELLNESS If monkeypox spreads through sexual contact, is it an STD? Recently, Francis wrote a letter praising the initiative of a Jesuit-run ministry for LGBTQ Catholics, called Outreach. The online resource is run by the Rev. James Martin, author of “Building a Bridge,” a book about the need for the church to better welcome and minister to LGBTQ Catholics. Francis praised a recent Outreach event at New York’s Jesuit-run Fordham University, and encouraged organizers “to keep working in the culture of encounter, which shortens the distances and enriches us with differences, in the same manner of Jesus, who made himself close to everyone.” Follow NBC Out on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Associated Press

Official Brush your dog halloween shirt

Aug. 11, 2022, 11:39 PM +07 By Andrew Jones and Mustafa Kassem A man armed with what appeared to be a shotgun took several people hostage in a bank in Lebanon on Thursday, demanding that the institution release his savings. The seven-hour standoff ended after he agreed to an offer in which he would receive some of the money, according to local media and a depositors group that took part in the negotiations. Earlier, videos posted on social media showed a bearded man in a T-shirt and cutoff jeans holding a gun demanding money from a bank employee. ‘Every day the Lebanese lifestyle is deteriorating’: Lebanon faces multiple national crises JULY 10, 202104:44 The suspect’s wife told reporters gathered outside the bank that her husband “did what he had to do,” according to The Associated Press. As security forces escorted him out of the bank, the suspect waved to a crowd of supporters who had gathered outside. The

Official Brush your dog halloween s Hoodie

back in a ponytail, the 54-year-old Rodríguez closes one eye in front of the mural in progress in San Salvador, and with the other glances through a transparent sheet of paper containing sketches of figures intended for the wall. The goal is to calculate the right scale, taking into account from where and what distance people will be viewing the work. “You have to know local history and then begin with the sketches,” said Luis Manuel Vélez, 52, a worker for Mexico’s national oil company who spends his weekends painting murals. Sometimes models for the work come from the neighborhood. A 6-year-old girl passing by the mural in San Salvador pointed and smiled before exclaiming: “That’s me and my grandpa.” Purists have long lamented that starting in the late 20th century, muralism was replaced by urban art or short-lived graffiti. Ríos Rocha agrees, but is still optimistic. “Muralism is in intensive care, but it is not going to die,” he said. Historian David Martínez Bourget is a researcher at the 88-year-old Bellas Artes Museum, a palatial art nouveau performing arts center in Mexico City whose interior walls are graced with famous murals by Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco. Martínez Bourget said the art movement that the fathers of muralism began in the 20th century is over, but its spirit remains — not just in Poxindeje and San Salvador — but also in marginalized Chicano communities in the western United States and in Zapatista villages in southern Mexico. In both places, public art displays capture the communities’ history and rebellion, he noted. As long as people are fighting for social justice, this kind of artistic expression will exist, Martínez Bourget says, because in difficult moments “art is politicized.” Follow NBC Latino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Associated Press

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