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Since October 2019, the people of Lebanon have been demanding that the current ruling class immediately step down. This explosion seems to confirm that the cries of “thawra” (revolution) are justified. “An international investigation shall be conducted. Otherwise, no truth will be reached and no justice will be served,” tweeted El-Halabi. The explosion adds another layer of pressure, one that the country can no longer bear, and it’s time for people to collectively step up for Lebanon.

Favorite daughter mother's day shirt

Who is to blame for this disaster? Why did the Lebanese government neglect these explosives for so many years? Perla Joe Maalouli, an artist and one of the leading voices of Lebanon’s revolution, says, “Negligence, this is what happened. Negligence to our people to our land to our spirits to our future!” The world is watching Lebanon collapse to its knees. By failing to deal with these chemicals at the port, the Lebanese government failed to protect its citizens.

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The people of Lebanon are calling for international leaders not to fund the current ruling class. They cannot be trusted with the funds. Since the coronavirus epidemic started, banks have shut down, preventing citizens from withdrawing their own money. Over $6 billion seems to have been wire-transferred outside the country. This money belonging to the people of Lebanon was in fact taken out of banks under the current leadership.

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