– Black cat workout because murder is wrong shirt

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There is something very cathartic about itemizing those things, writing them down one by one, and watching them burn to ash. Doing an external act like that has always been a great way for my brain to mark a new era, one that encourages me to really let things go and move on. Obviously, not everything you burn goes away permanently, but releasing rituals are a powerful outward symbol that can trigger the starting of a new chapter from a place of self-accountability and emotional cleansing. I always feel physically and spiritually lighter after doing a releasing ritual.

Black cat workout because murder is wrong shirt

All you need is a fireproof container (or a fireplace), multiple pieces of paper, fireproof tongs, and water—both for extinguishing in case things get out of hand and for you to consume (I always suggest that folks drink lots of water before, during, and after their ritual; water aids in the releasing process)—and the question: “What stories am I carrying (those that belong to me and those that don’t) that need to be released before stepping into the new year?” Ask this question in the realm of your work, your relationships, your sex life, and your own body, and write out your answers on multiple sheets of paper. When you’re ready, light the paper on fire and watch it burn.

Black cat workout because murder is wrong Unisex Hoodie

I’m a little superstitious in that I believe that in order to fully honor and step into the magical potential of the new year, I need to cut the cords of the old year and give what needs to be released a proper burial. I think everyone gets really anxious to get into the new year because the old year has been so taxing—2020 especially. Even I am fighting the urge to be impatient about January 1 arriving because of how badly I want 2020 to be done and over with. At the same time, I know that I won’t be able to personally honor myself or the upcoming new year if I don’t do the necessary inner work to grieve and rage and feel my feelings about the year that’s ending.

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